Two entrepreneurs hosted by Speed Mi Up have already launched a beta version of this website, operating in Milan.

Two entrepreneurs hosted by Speed Mi Up have already launched a beta version of this website, operating in Milan. is a FREE service, simple and available to everyone. Within 48 hours it enables you to get customised estimates for the repair/maintenance of your car, with clarity and speed. 

Your request is passed on to the affiliated garages for a free, detailed cost estimate, valid for a fortnight. Once you’ve chosen the best offer, you can contact the garage direct to book in your car.  You are not obliged to acceptor confirm any of the estimates.



We all have a love-hate relationship with our cars, but when they need fixing, love prevails. This is why the promise of Marco Brusamolino and Luca Maccarini - of saving time and money when it happens – is breaking news. On the computer screen, in their case, given that is a service, already being tested for the city of Milan, for requesting detailed estimates from garages and coachbuilders for all kinds of job, comparing them and choosing the cheapest – or the one that sounds best to you. The two 28-year olds from Melzo, in the province of Milan, are childhood friends, but have had different, complementary work experiences. Brusamolino was a car salesman for six years for a car dealer with garage attached and knows the needs of mechanics and coachbuilders inside out. Maccarini is an IT expert who had always worked in digital communications and, before joining Cercaofficina full time, was developing software projects for a startup in Berlin. The test in Milan will be used to fine-tune the service. The garages were found using telemarketing, followed up by a visit, while some flyers and online communication were sufficient to spread the word among potential users. The Speed Mi Up experience is of practical assistance to the two entrepreneurs in pursuing their idea. Aspects they found most useful were the training, “on matters that we come up against in the field and that helps define the next step” and the network of contacts made available to them. “Even if it is not the main focus of the incubator”, Brusamolino and Maccarini explain, “we have been able to quickly get a handle on legal aspects, like the use of images, which we knew nothing about. We got help on brand registration through the Chamber of Commerce”. Then there is the easy contact with the tutor, which was key, for example, in the telemarketing campaign. Once the test phase is over, they feel they require support in finding funding.

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