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Our idea is to create a line of natural dietary supplements especially for university students who want to maximize their time studying while not giving up the other aspects of university life.

Leveraging an efficient supply chain management system and through the use of distribution channels consistent with our target audience, we intend to offer innovative products that meet the market’s demands and needs.

The formulation and production is carried out by Farmacia Legnani, which is an established business and provides owner expertise from Andrea De Zanetti (58). Giorgio (25) and Carlo Pautrie (22 years old) are Bocconi University Management students and thanks to the expertise they have gained in close contact with the university world, they manage the business and marketing strategies.

Our basic strategy is to maintain a flexible streamlined business model, which can adapt quickly to changing needs of a dynamic market.

In this context we intend to position ourselves differently from other sector operators and dissociate our brand from the product support image by activating communication channels closer to our target.

Our goal is to offer an innovative alternative to existing products that improve mental performance, and then become the standard, by reducing all other products to a mere alternative.