Francesco Virtuani (39), Federico Guenzi (41).

Fera Libens is an innovative shoe brand made using non-animal components as alternative to real leather. Its mission is to meet the needs of those who want to buy quality designer footwear. This footwear is classic and contemporary and at the same time respects the world around us and the living beings that inhabit it. Unlike other brands that use similar materials, Fera Libens is not placed at the lower-end of the market or in the narrow "vegan” niche. The brand has a medium to high position, and is aimed at people who are open to new ideas and can appreciate a beautiful and well-made product which is totally “Made in Italy”. It targets those who have their consumer behaviour defined by sustainability principles. The project’s name embraces Italian traditional craftsmanship by using Latin to invoke the cultural roots of the “Bel Paese” (or beautiful country). Fera means “animal,” while Libens means “happy” and the use of these Latin words show respect for animals and nature.

Sales growth for the product will develop mainly through the internet. Online sales allow for higher margins and for the product to be marketed abroad because it can easily reach its international clientele. However, we plan to use traditional distribution alongside the Internet channel. The product will be placed in some selected sales points, which, besides leading to further sales opportunities, will provide exhibition showcases to develop the brand image.

The founding members, comprising the team, have complementary skills that are useful for the project’s implementation.

Federico Guenzi, graduated in economics and commerce from Bocconi University in 2000. He started his career path in the marketing and sales departments of major international companies such as Nestè Waters, Panasonic, Samsung and Acer, taking key national accounts before becoming a product line business manager.

Francesco Virtuani, graduated in economics and commerce from Bocconi University in Milan, began his marketing career as the product manager for several well-known brands of consumer goods (Rowenta, Tefal). He later graduated in Art History and collaborated with cultural institutions and universities in managing and educating about cultural heritage. In 2013 he obtained a PhD in design at Politecnico di Milano.

Both are firmly convinced of the need to direct consumption habits towards a greater awareness and responsibility towards nature and animals, while affirming the traditional Italian craftsmanship and taste which is known and appreciated throughout the world.



Posted by Speed MI Up on Venerdì 20 novembre 2015