In Speed MI Up, there are four entrepreneurs who want to cut time and eliminate the inconvenience of waiting at security posts

The long lines at security checkpoints are a common experience to anyone who travels by plane. Most of us arm ourselves with patience and accept the loss of time, but not Federico Kluzer. Faced with irritating bottlenecks, seeing shoes and personal items crammed into the trays provided by security people, Kluzer, former banker and consultant, has decided to solve the problem by "increasing the efficiency", as he says, of the screening process and reducing waiting time. What was missing was SmarTray, an intelligent tray tailored to fit the needs of travelers and security personnel. What SmartTray needed was a reliable business group with complementary skills.

For the last point Kluzer has thought of a group of old friends, united by the year of birth (1990) and educational experience at Severi high school in Milan. Alessandro Pedote did a brief stint in a start up of Rocket Internet in Nigeria; Giovanni Scolari is an architect who has worked in a studio, while Nicholas de Brabant deals with communication and was one of the winners of the competition for Anticofuturo Faber, a video on five Milanese artisans. Kluzer, for his part, left his previous job and today follows SmartRay and another business venture. "When we entered the Speed MI Up were a group of friends who believed in the idea and had taken the first steps to achieve it," says Kluzer, "today we are dealing with collaborations with airports, which are testing our prototypes, and contacts with industrial designers and manufacturers. " What I value most about the incubator is the training, the transversal vision that it provides, interaction with the tutor and the broad network of relationships.


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Posted by Speed MI Up on Lunedì 26 ottobre 2015