Andrea Antonelli (42), Beppe Gullotta (48), Loris Natale (39), Andrea Passeri (31)

In recent years, the world of 3D design and the revolution of GPU have changed everyone’s lives, generating applications that were unthinkable before now: virtual reality, real time rendering, and holography.

Octane Render by California-based OTOY is the world’s first GPU-based, un-biased, physically based renderer that can calculate 3D images and videos up to 50x faster than its competitors and manipulate the 3D scene in real time: real time rendering.

Orwell is a company that develops contents, services and activities through – and as a support for –Octane Render and GPU Rendering.

Founded by a team of professionals who have worked successfully in the field of 3D graphic rendering on internationally known projects for years, through the activities on the international Octane Render forum and the development of beta tester software, Orwell has built up a close working relationship with OTOY. This relationship gives Orwell a unique opportunity to be the first to grow and develop new products over the next few years.

The Orwell mission is to satisfy two needs: our passion for experimenting with new 3D applications through Octane Render, like the holographic light field rendering or the real time photorealistic content for videogames; OTOY’s need to spread Octane Render to a range of professional sectors including advertizing, movies, architecture and videogames. The synergy between the three areas that make up Orwell forms the basis for its innovative process: 3D rendering studio, Web Community, Training Center.

The 3D rendering studio: a workshop to be the first to design and experiment with other experiential content until now unheard of thanks to unique technology; where we can develop new products through the innovative experiential new-media like virtual reality head-mounted displays such as Oculus Rift, the navigable real time videos, the immersive holographic video, fully functional for any device.

Web Community: the octane.it portal, managed by Orwell, is already the online community benchmark in Italy – and in future in Europe – for Octane Render and OTOY. Training Center: Octane Render courses and seminars organized exclusively in Italy and the development of worldwide teaching content with the collaboration of OTOY. This allows Orwell to bring the production of content and the dissemination of knowhow up to a new level, directly taking the next leap: to the experience curve. Are you experienced?

Website: orwell-vr.com