Have you ever left your clothes at the dry cleaner’s for a long time? Have you ever bought Ikea furniture and found yourself exhausted after trying to assemble it for two hours, and then giving up? Are you moving, and need a hand to help pack up your things? Did something unexpected come up, and you suddenly needed a dog-sitter for the afternoon? Taskhunters (taskhunters.it) is an app which connects 650,000 Italian university students who are studying but who have some free time to work, with 2 and a half million people who don’t have enough time to get simple daily tasks done.

Taskhunter’s mission is to help free up more time for people who have an intense workload but want to spend more time with their loved ones or follow a passion, while offering young university students the chance to increase their income. Many people in the work world just don’t have the material time to run even the simplest of errands, and are more than willing to entrust this task to a person they can trust, who can solve their problem within a short period of time, or - better yet - immediately. Taskhunter responds to this need: thanks to geo-localization, this platform allows users to choose from a variety of categories, post a task based on their specific need, and then select the most suitable person from those who offer to carry out the task. This service responds to a need which isn’t covered by other apps that simply connect job supply and demand, or provide the services of workers who have technical and professional skills.

How does Taskhunters work? A person posts a task on the app at the cost and conditions which he or she believes are most suitable, choosing from amongst the various categories. Students may offer to carry out the task and accept the preset compensation or, if they believe it’s appropriate, negotiate a higher amount. The person posting the task decides who to entrust it to, by choosing the user he or she deems most suitable from the group of people who offer to do the task.

The proposed services include: food shopping, personal shopper, pet care, moving, picking up certificates and running errands to the post office, picking up and delivering clothes to the dry cleaner’s, house chores, assembling and disassembling furniture, private lessons (music, languages, tutoring), graphic design, and IT assistance. The students who are present on the platform are first verified by the start-up, and can present themselves for a maximum of three task categories at a time. There’s also a reciprocal evaluation system: once a task has been completed, feedback allows people to build a good reputation within the marketplace, whether they are students carrying out tasks, or people requesting them. Payment is done online, through the PayPal platform.

The Taskhunters team consists of:

  • Lorenzo Teodori, ’87 graduate. After receiving an IT degree and four years of experience at Accenture as Business & IT Strategy Consultant, today Teodori is the Project Manager in the finance sector and CEO and co-founder of Taskhunters;
  • Francesco Piovesan, ’87 graduate. With a degree in Finance, Piovesan went to work as Google’s EMEA Performance Specialist and then went to Dubai to work as a Digital Marketing Executive. He is the CFO of Taskhunters;
  • Marco Premier, ’87 graduate. Premier is a software developer and designer with experience in the world of start-ups (Realex Payment, in particular). He is Mobile Team leader for Modeva in Dublin, and CTO and co-founder of Taskhunters;
  • Alberto Mora, ’86 graduate. Mora has a degree in Business Communication and is Senior Copywriter in Havas Worldwide Milan. He’s an expert in integrated and digital communication campaigns, and is the Communication Manager for Taskhunters;
  • Jessy Conroy, an IOS and Android platforms specialist, is the Mobile Developer Consultant for Taskhunters.

Website: www.taskhunters.it

Website: www.taskhunters.it