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«We firmly believe in the potential that lies in applying technology to agriculture, and we are pleased to see that Agricolus’ worth has been recognized. We believe in precision agriculture, and our goal is to make it accessible to everyone» - Andrea Cruciani, founder and CEO of Agricolus S.r.l..

Agricolus s.r.l. is an innovative startup that operates in the Precision Agriculture sector. Its mission is to support farmers, agronomists, agri-food processors and others working in the agricultural sector by optimizing their agronomic work through the use of state-of-the-art data collection and analysis technologies.

The firm’s technological foundation is a cloud ecosystem of applications for precision agriculture: decision support systems, forecasting models, smart resistance to plant disease, and remote sensing.


  • Andrea Cruciani, 43, CEO
  • Antonio Natale, 45, manager
  • Diego Guidotti, 43, manager

The primary goal of Agricolus is to increase agricultural productivity and improve crop management, while also ensuring a reduction in the environmental impact caused by the use of widespread phytosanitary products. The overall result can be found in the improved quality of agricultural products.

The vision of a sustainable future, high-level professionalism, many years of experience, and boundless energy are what define the identity of Agricolus S.r.l., whose strength lies in a multidisciplinary team: Agronomists and Developers, GIS technicians and Data Scientists - all committed to serving innovative agriculture.

The technologies utilized in Agricolus have been a success at the European level in the Smart Agriculture sector.