Best Umbrellas

We are developing a special Software/Process/Algorithm that can collect, index, and catalogue all the beaches and beachfront resorts in Italy (and potentially throughout the whole world).

Furthermore, this project will evolve constantly over time, in order to best adapt to the real needs of both users/operators as well as the market.

Imagine a kind of specific search engine for the best beaches and the best beachfront resorts in existence that can suit any kind of tourist, with services that are easily available and directly accessible via smartphone.

Some people look for large structures offering every type of service, while others prefer wilder and more isolated beaches. Some people go to the sea with friends, while others go with their spouse and children. Do you want a quiet beach for the elderly and families, or one that’s just right for young folks, with good music and DJ sets? Or one for families with physically challenged members, or those using strollers? Or are you looking for a place that is equipped for newborns, or pets?

This is the solution we propose: BEST UMBRELLAS - B FIRST; our unique solution allows you to sneak a peek at everything a structure offers, and then choose and make reservations at the resort that best fits your specific needs.

Then it will be the market’s job to decide the natural placement of each establishment, while all users have to do is insert their search parameters and confirm their reservation.