By Matteo Mirabella (25 anni) and Giacomo Calabrese (22 anni)

Dot-E is the first community of Erasmus travelers in Europe. It’s a community in which Erasmus students can meet and exchange hospitality with one another on the numerous trips they take during the most awesome year of their lives.

This entrepreneurial web-based project came to light during the exchange projects of Giacomo Calabrese in Seville, Spain and Matteo Mirabella in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. These two enthusiastic and curious guys applied their studies in the Marketing and Business Administration area to create a system founded on the values of friendship, sharing, and generosity. Their primary goal is to offer a service which they themselves would have liked to have used when they were working on their respective projects abroad.

Dot-E is a web platform that allows Erasmus students to enter into direct contact with each other all over Europe, to discover cities with the curious eyes of an Erasmus student. “Constantly being outside of our comfort zone is great; building a new comfort zone for the new Erasmus generation is amazing!”

Yet Dot-E is more than just a project, more than a simple platform. Dot-E is a Passion: a passion for travelling, for people, and for cultures all over the world. It’s the same passion which Matteo and Giacomo share with their friends: fantastic, curious and welcoming people with whom they are building deep friendships. Their stories are weaving together, as they meet and share time together all over Europe - between Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, and Holland.

But why Dot-E? In geometry, infinite straight lines pass through every dot. If we imagine every European city as a dot, and the trip of every student as a straight line, the Dot-E mission becomes instantly clear: to join as many dots as possible, creating magical moments of encounters and sharing between Erasmus travelers all over Europe.

There’s a larger vision behind this idea, however: this is a revolution of the Erasmus world, in which your own city will be the base for exploring Europe and its cultures, allowing everyone to both travel without boundaries and discover without barriers.

Because we are convinced that travelling doesn’t have to be about money, but about how many friends you have all over the world.