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The team consists of Angelica Peretti (26), Saverio Mirto (26) and Andrea Zangiacomi (27).

Duing is a crowdsourcing platform that connects university students with companies. Its aim is to be a benchmark for the most dynamic young talents who wish to gain experience in their field of studies by bringing their ideas and creativity to life on the first platform that has student-generated content. This is how young people can connect with brands that aim to establish a sincere communication channel with consumers. The end result is that Duing will have positive effects for both students and companies.

For students, Duing represents a valid alternative to ‘classic’ part-time, unskilled jobs (bartender, pizza chef, baby-sitter, etc.) because it allows them to enhance their CVs with high profile projects in co-creation with companies, and be paid for their work. For companies, Duing represents digitalization, creativity, and authenticity, all facilitated through collaborations with the new generations (Y&Z). Companies will be able to access a vast database of material created and shared by students.

The platform consists of two interfaces: students and companies. The two portals are independent from one another and communicate on different levels of interaction which merge in an inner networking and educational space.

We firmly believe that young talents can and must be a creative driving force for companies, and our mission is to facilitate collaborations between these young people and companies.

We know that in order to support our society, we must deal with the generational challenge at play today - not only by creating new jobs, but also by creating a purpose which is shared, genuine, and up-to-date. We have thought of Duing as a space where companies can link up with the youngest talents in order to receive intuitions, content, and innovations which will play a critical role in their future success.

There is no other crowdsourcing like this one, which allows the business world to hear the beat of the new generations.