EasyTax Assistant

What is EasyTax Assistant? It’s the absolutely first tax simplification application available to all taxpayers that allows people to save time and money as they navigate the complex world of fiscal management.

Imagine an app that lets you know which and how many taxes you have to pay, keeps you informed about fiscal deadlines, updates, and any tax breaks you’re allowed, lets you gain access to all valid tax relief documents simply by taking a photo, lets you calculate - in advance – the tax savings for anything you purchase, allows you to monitor your tax thresholds - and much more. In a nutshell, that’s EasyTax.

The project emerged from the awareness that the current fiscal model is not yet in step with the current technological evolution, and that strong imbalances exist between the primary actors: legislators, intermediaries (for ex., accountants and tax assistance centers) and taxpayers.

What kind of imbalances? First of all, in terms of the language that is used: the legislators’ choice of words is different from that of intermediaries, who themselves often use a language style that is not always understood by taxpayers. And it’s an indisputable fact that these basic differences create a problem: a real lack of understanding on the part of the majority of taxpayers. Secondly, a knowledge gap also exists: legislators dictate the rules, the intermediaries play a support role (facilitation), and all taxpayers can do is pay their taxes - even though they are often not able to keep up with all the continuous updates! Finally, the greatest discrepancy lies in the control system: legislators establish a broad series of tax breaks dedicated to taxpayers (tax reliefs for private taxpayers and the self-employed), yet they don’t provide tools which empower taxpayers and help them to optimize their fiscal management.

In the majority of cases this, along with the “final balance” analysis model, cause taxpayers to manage their taxes inefficiently. Everything is worsened by the fact that when it comes time to calculate taxes and tax reliefs (ex-post), taxpayers have no room for maneuver to reduce their tax burden in an honest way.

With Easytax, our goal is to turn this situation around and provide all taxpayers with one “keys in hand” tool, which can assist them throughout all the hases of fiscal management. In this way, an important added value is in fact created – not only for taxpayers, but also for intermediaries and legislators, who will be happy to have a new communication tool to use with taxpayers, one that is already structured to make data available, and that simplifies the entire operational procedure.

The business model is B2C, and the application is aimed primarily at private taxpayers and the self-employed, but it is can be scaled horizontally on B2B both as a sales channel as well as a lead generation channel.

EasyTax Assistant has been available for several months at IOS and Android stores, and has started to grow, having already received much gratification from the startup and innovation ecosystem (over 13,000 downloads and 3,500 registered users).

EasyTax Assistant is a registered brand owned by IBC s.r.l.; it’s an innovative startup that was established at the end of 2016, with the aim to offer the market a new approach to strategic counseling and innovation technology.

IBC is the acronym for “Information Business Consulting”: a combination of economic, financial, marketing, and technological competencies for the comprehensive development of innovative projects that can positively impact the community.