Fondatori: Carlo Andrea Guatterini (22), Pietro Galvan (23), Guidalberto Bonora (20).

EdilGo is the online B2B platform which assists professionals and companies in the commercial construction industry to manage projects and estimates quickly and effectively. EdilGo was created with the intention to create a new sourcing and procurement paradigm, and promises to radically change the construction sector by connecting companies, design studios, suppliers and professionals through a cloud-based platform that promotes innovation, reduces risks, and optimizes performance.

The platform allows companies to save precious time and use it to implement a more advantageous strategic sourcing strategy. Thanks to its user-friendliness, EdilGo speeds up the search for high quality products and services by instantly connecting builders and main contractors to a database of qualified suppliers who are ready to compete for their business and, as a consequence, help them cut costs and risks.

Any manufacturer and supplier can promote their products and establish relationships with a broad network of builders, engineers, architects, subcontractors, and distributors. They can receive job requests by invitation or discover new business opportunities amongst the open projects that correspond to their specializations.

EdilGo allows you to start the sales process in a more efficient and transparent way, and helps reduce structural costs considerably due to digital document transmission and filing.

Value proposition: EdilGo is a platform that substitutes the inefficiency of emails and Excel with a transparent, standardized procurement process that was conceived specifically for buyers and suppliers in the construction industry.

Mission: EdilGo is a tech company with one precise aim: to revolutionize the processes of choosing suppliers and purchasing products and services in the construction industry. We create links between construction industry professionals thanks to the most complete and accurate digital platform in the sector.

Vision: Starting with the sourcing and procurement process, we want to make the construction sector more efficient and connected, by digitalizing and transforming tools, flows, and business models. As we combine technology, data, and experience, we provide our clients with the information they need to be guided towards success.

Website: www.edilgo.com