is an avant-garde virtual space that revolutionizes the purchase process, production, and commercialization of Italian haute couture clothing.

How does it work? Clients create their virtual clone with a selfie, not a mannequin or avatar adapted to their measurements but a 3d body with their own shapes and measurements. They choose a clothing item, personalize it, try it on in a virtual dressing room, make their order, and then all of us at do the rest, with the work of the finest Italian craftsmen and women.

What makes unique and different from its peers is the use of the pre-visual ability of computer vision in a traditional sector like artisan production; this enables one to overcome the limitations linked to purchasing haute couture clothing such as the physical distance between artisan and client, which makes it difficult to get measurements and try on the clothing item, and the impossibility for the client to try on the piece before it is completed – that is, when it’s too late to turn back and change one’s mind.

What results is added value for clients, artisans, and the Italian system.

Clients are able to find the most respected Italian luxury artisans in just one place - a kind of virtual Italian Savile Row –, personalize the items, and – something completely new – try them on virtually until they create the perfect outfit. This means being able to experience the buying process before actually buying.

The artisans are able to create bespoke items for a global clientele without having to meet them in person.

In a second phase, the Italian system can benefit from the training of young artisans and the relative creation of jobs and revenue streams from abroad. All of this could be further strengthened by the industrialization of the process, with a high standard of quality and an orientation towards the ready-to-wear segment.