GeoJob by: Vittorio Massimo Borgo (55), Davide Alesi (43), Gianmarco Pinto (38).

GeoJob is an innovative, online service which matches supply and demand for work in the construction sector, which is currently undergoing a widespread revolution. The idea for this portal emerged when two managers working in the shipbuilding industry put their heads together: Vittorio Massimo Borgo and Davide Alesi. Both of these professionals have years of experience in human resources management and production management.

Joining them is Gianmarco Pinto, a work psychologist with solid competencies in personnel search and hire; together they will develop the entire assessment process in order to provide added value to clients.

What most distinguishes is job geolocation: for workers, this means being able to find the exact geo-referencing of building sites, while companies are able to find workers and professionals who are available to work in a specific area.

The primary characteristic of this service, in and of itself, guarantees companies significant economies of scale, thus avoiding burdensome travel expenses for workers. In fact, travel costs and room and board weigh quite heavily on a building company’s budget.

This system also offers a selection of highly qualified manpower, thus resolving an issue that’s typical for this sector, in which the search for specialized personnel usually involves a series of roadblocks. When faced with a demand for professionals, traditional recruitment agencies are often unprepared, as they are too generalized and usually unfamiliar with the breadth of skills that are required in the building sector. Moreover, the search time is often quite long and incompatible with the opening of a building site, which can often be far away.

GeoJob resolves all of these complications with one simple solution: it matches the needs of both parties. Building companies are able to commute for work without heavy costs, and builders can be recruited for jobs that are based in the area they work in, simply by registering at the website and uploading their CVs into the database.

This service has been planned in order to be able to track workers looking for work. Thanks to an app that’s installed on one’s smartphone, it will be possible in real time to see what resources are available for working in nearby building sites, thus offering a high probability of success and high redemption rates starting with the very first hours of recruitment. In this way, companies in this sector can obtain an immediate reply about the hiring timeframe - and especially about what their final costs will be.

The aim of GeoJob is to become a true benchmark in the building sector, and a port of entry into the world of construction for Millennials and the Z Generation - the new workers with whom companies will soon be interacting and engaging. For this reason, GeoJob has embraced gamification and engagement design since its inception.