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Golee is a digital platform for the amateur sports world, offering technological services to everyone in this sector: sports clubs, trainers, athletes, fans, solicitors, and institutional bodies.

The aim of Golee is to create a tool which encourages 10 to 19 year-olds to nourish their dreams and ambitions, bringing them together and spreading their interests and energies in a context that rewards merit. Golee aims to give sports clubs the chance to monitor the activities, developments, and progress of their members; at the same time, Golee aims to encourage athletes to participate in the most important sports competitions so they can demonstrate their merit and aspire to receiving Top Club recognition.

Golee also intends to support the rebirth of youth clubs; without a doubt, these clubs represent the deepest and most constructive social and organizational investment in the future of Italian sports.

This vision began with Tommaso, the founder of Golee, who studied in the U.S. and practiced sports at the competitive level on his U.S. university soccer team.

Strengthened by his experience in the U.S. - where he reached prestigious goals due exclusively to his own merit - Tommaso returned to Italy and devised a system which organizes data from the world of youth sports and makes it easily accessible. It is a system that promotes the values of transparency and meritocracy, for all talented youth who aim to reach their sports objectives by engaging their own qualities, without having to ask for anything else.

The project consists of a services and information portal whose foundation is a social network in which one can share and receive feedback on performance and characteristics, as well as initiate a variety of interactions between athletes, trainers, clubs, and fans of soccer. This will be a meeting point for all youth, where they can gain perspective and awareness.

The final aim of Golee is to digitalize the amateur sports sector.