Green Idea Technologies

During its five-year life, on average an I-mac produces a ton and a half of Co2 (during its pre-production, production, use, and disposal phases).

Given this fact, Green Idea Technologies decided to develop eco-sustainable IT systems by following the circular economy path, and developing reclaimed, refurbished, and recycled products that can save up to 60% of CO2 emissions (in short, the emissions caused by resource extraction and transformation).

The company started in 2014 and became a benefit corporation in 2016; after conducting an ad hoc analysis, it offers companies and public administrations “reclaimed, refurbished, and recycled IT products”. These are used high-tech products (smartphones, tablets, computers, printers, and any other electronic device) which are analyzed, repaired, perfectly checked, polished, tested, re-packaged and put back on the market with a competitive price. This service offers many advantages, especially from an environmental standpoint: by lengthening the life of the product, there is a decrease in CO2 emissions, in energy needed for the extraction and production phases, and in the quantity of waste produced. Furthermore, precious metals or dangerous metals are recuperated and treated properly.

The mission of Green Idea Technologies is to transform the IT market by introducing refurbished products and certificate regeneration, and by offering a platform of innovative environmental services that take advantage of the circular economy. As a benefit corporation, Green Idea Technologies intends to pursue one or more goals for the common good and work in a responsible, sustainable, and transparent way with regard to people, communities, territories, the environment, and other stakeholders.

The fundamental principle behind Green Idea Technologies is sustainable management: by applying an algorithm that was developed with the University of Bologna, a personalized analysis is carried out for each client, in order to calculate its environmental impact. This is how the degree of sustainability for each company is determined in order to propose the most appropriate innovative solutions that are currently available on the market and best fit a company’s needs. All the products that are proposed are certified Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers, and are guaranteed by the parent company for one year from the date of purchase, with guarantees that can be extended up to 3 years.

Furthermore, the Green Idea platform offers clients the chance to re-sell their IT devices directly to the companies which handle the refurbishing, thus amortizing the disposal costs for electronic waste.

Green Idea Technologies’ innovative offer is based on 4 basic points:

  • Firstly, the client’s degree of sustainability is calculated by carrying out an environmental impact analysis using an algorithm that was developed in collaboration with the University of Bologna
  • The client is then followed throughout all the supply phases (pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services) for products and services that can improve environmental sustainability in the IT sector
  • A Sustainable Company Certificate is then issued, which can be verified by third parties and included in the client’s Sustainability Report
  • Trees will then be planted with Treedom, in order to compensate 100% for the emissions produced by the refurbished/recycled products that are sold

Clients can also geolocalize and monitor their trees as soon as they are planted. Last year the first part of the Green Idea Technologies forest in Kenya was completed; 25 fruit trees were planted, thus compensating for almost 8 and a half tons of CO2.

“We want to commit ourselves to spreading an environmental culture, with particular though not exclusive reference to the circular economy as a fundamental solution to the problem of global warming, including renewable energies, energy efficiency, the use of recycled products, and the values which bond us with the Earth, the only place where humans are able to live”.