By Andrea Brignoli (35), Jacopo Nairoukh (35) and Andrea Battistella (35)

Gustavo is a web portal that uses innovation and efficiency to facilitate B2B interaction within a sector that is extremely important for Italy in the world: food & beverage. In recent years, this industry has experienced a deep cultural revolution and improved media visibility.

With the advent of new technologies, end customers are increasingly getting used to interfacing with restaurants, using digital tools to make reservations, order, pay, and rate an experience. This new approach has brought on an important evolution in the food & beverage sector itself, offering the possibility to access an offer quickly and in a surprisingly easy way, which was unthinkable just a few years ago.

However on the supply front the process has remained the same for 30 years, with the use of analog tools and related manual errors during the ordering phase, little visibility and transparency of the available product/supply offer, complexities in administrative management, a lack of trust in the initial stages of commercial relationships between parties, along with a limited report on easily accessible products.

With Gustavo, restaurants and HoReCa in general can, AT NO COST:

  • discover the offer of quality products on their own without any intermediaries, thus reducing the risks and costs tied to new commercial explorations;
  • make orders using an innovative and secure supply process with notable savings in time and money;
  • access data analytics tools to monitor and improve performance and the warehouse;
  • take advantage of cooking suggestions and advice from our chefs and sector experts.

Gustavo thus offers the chance to choose from numerous quality producers, bringing together orders and payments with significant simplifications throughout the entire ordering, payment, and invoicing process in one digital platform that is also accessible on mobile devices, 24/7.

At the same time, Gustavo will facilitate commercial interactions and allow top Italian food & beverage producers to have a window onto the world of quality food service without any initial investment, thus reducing financial risks and supporting them as they define their offer.

Through a careful selection process of products and producers, Gustavo aims to guarantee quality and, through added value services based on the experience of expert professionals in the sector, it aims to be an innovative element for the Italian food farming industry and food & beverage industry.

Gustavo: Smart supply with taste.