Inflead develops its potentialities through the Instagram platform, the most famous social application for sharing photos and videos, with the aim to make it meritocratic once again and be a pioneer in introducing the concept of the image market.

The algorithm owned by Inflead filters the quality of Instagram users, and lies at the foundation of a market that offers capital gains and dividend possibilities through interactions between influencers and businesses. Each user will have a value associated to the quality of engagement that is generated, which will serve as a reference for businesses looking for backing. They can also access a section dedicated specifically to the creation of contests.

Furthermore, the application aims to penalize fake users and anyone who takes advantage of interactions in order to create a distorted engagement. Thanks to our formula, two values will be associated to every user present on the platform. The first one represents the quality of one’s following and is updated continuously, taking the dynamics of one’s Instagram profile into account.

The second value represents a measurement of the users’ image potentialities, in the form of shares. These shares will be tradeable and represent the connecting link between the social and financial spheres.

The application foresees three essential elements: the market, the match between companies and influencers, and a section dedicated to photo and video contests. When users register, they will choose whether to create a business account or not, and the transactions within the platform will take place through the use of a virtual currency (Instacoins).

The Team consists of four members:

  • Giovanni Spinelli (25 anni), holds a Law Degree from the Università degli studi di Trieste, and is currently attending a post-graduate Master program in Insurance & Risk Management at the Mib Trieste School of Management. His international, legal, and commercial experience make him the client-oriented soul of the team.
  • Simone Torre (25 anni), received a Master of Science in Economics from the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa and he is also attending the Mib Trieste School of Management. He has gained study experience abroad in Norway and Luxembourg and conducted a research project at ISTAT. Besides his economic competencies, he has developed IT and technical know-how which enabled him to create and implement the Inflead algorithm.
  • Pietro Rossetti Cosulich (25 anni), obtained a three-year degree in Economics, International Commerce, and Financial Markets from the Università degli Studi di Trieste. Currently he is attending a Master in Management with a major in Finance at the ESCP Business School; his educational path includes destinations in Turin, London, and Paris. His work experience lies in the finance and banking sector, having worked for the Banca IMI – Investment Bank of the Intesa Sanpaolo group, where he dealt primarily with M&A and structured finance. He puts this experience to work by managing the startup’s financial area.
  • Lorenzo Sattler (31 anni), received a Law degree from the Università degli studi di Trieste, and then obtained a Master in Insurance & Risk Management at the MIB Trieste School of Management. Currently he is working at Generali S.p.a. He has also worked for KPMG and Marsh Spa. His focus on the team is the legal and compliance area.

Inflead’s aim is to become a cost-effective platform that guarantees quality for businesses that are looking for backing, an attractive focal point for influencers with a real and receptive following, and a point of reference for all Instagram users who want to monetize their social experiences.

At the beginning was Marketgram (7 May 2018).