InTribe SB Srl is an innovative startup and benefit corporation that carries out qualitative and quantitative market surveys using state-of-the-art methods (sharing experience) and innovative tools: APPs, big data analytics software, and social networks.

The InTribe analysts create social and netnographic surveys which also anticipate trends; they trace the evolution of the job market and the trends that are transforming our society.

The main project of InTribe is the APP Digital Match; currently being developed, it will be launched in early March 2018 and aims to contribute to reducing digital mismatch in Italy.

Digital mismatch is one of the main issues that companies and institutions have to face, and a paradox of the modern era: companies search for profiles in the technological and digital area which are not reflected in the current job offer.

New graduates/degree holders and the unemployed often do not have the digital and technological skills needed to be able to apply to an increasing number of job announcements: just in the ICT area alone in Italy, in 2020 we will have 135,000 profiles sought by companies that will not be able to find valid candidates (corresponding to 18% of open positions).

The APP Digital Match will train the categories that are most hard hit by unemployment: Millennials, Post Millennials and women, in order to bring added value to companies and to the territory, assist people in gaining new skills that are in line with corporate needs, and thus create new economic well-being as a consequence.

Courses will be provided in the following areas, in particular: Coding, Robotics, Data Mining, Cybersecurity, IoT, Project Management, APP Development, 3D printing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, SEO, Website Development, Graphic Design, Videogame Development, and English.

The current number of APPs (and growing steadily):

  • 400 beta testers
  • A database of over 1,400 students throughout Italy
  • A database of about 500 mothers throughout Italy (many of whom are unemployed or were demoted following maternity leave)
  • Over 13,700 people enrolled in the Linkedin group ‘Free #DigitalMatch Training’

When they enrol, beta testers will receive the eBook Future Professions, which outlines the professions that will have the highest growth rate in the next 12 months.


  • Mirna Pacchetti – CEO and co-founder, 39
  • Marzia Di Meo – Co-founder and Business Development, 41
  • Marco Ravagnan – Research Director, 55