By Jacopo Barzago (27) and Marco Bongermino (27).

Our clients are people who need an electrical system because they are buying a new house, or restructuring an old one. Currently, for anyone who is in one of these two categories it is nearly impossible to get useful information from the web in order to get an electrical system installed, and that is the gap which we aim to fill.

Lean Wire aims to provide highly personalized home electrical systems at moderate prices, starting with the creation of a project and ending with the realization of an electrical system.

We want clients to be able to create their own system based on their specific needs, and personally develop that system through a simple web interface which makes this process engaging and intuitive. Clients will be guided step by step during the development phase, to ensure that they produce a project which respects both current laws, and their needs. This project is structured in such a way that during the realization phase, clients can easily apply lean production manufacturing methodologies.

This kind of manufacturing process is usually not applied in this specific sector, because the technicians who usually do the installations themselves don’t know about its potentialities. Our vision is to evolve the way work is done in the construction industry, making it transparent, trustworthy, efficient, and fast.

This is a long-term vision, that’s both ambitious and necessary: starting with one aspect of the homebuilding process, its aim is to eventually evolve the entire sector.