Online Toys Box

Online Toys Box by Milvia Bonvicino (33) and Alessandra Garini (32).

Online Toys Box is a project for the first online Toys Sharing service in Italy.

With a simple flat rate that can be activated online, you can receive the toys you want for your children, at home and every month. Once the play experience has ended, you can return the toys and receive different ones for the following month.

Our mission is to satisfy children’s desire for a variety of quality toys, and at the same time respond to the need parents have to stimulate their children’s imaginations through consultations on the most appropriate toys, while avoiding waste and piles of toys in the bedroom. In this way, kids are educated in values like sharing and sustainability, and there’s still the potential for purchases. If a child falls in love with a toy, parents can purchase it at a discounted price.

Toys Sharing is interesting not only for families, but also for toy companies. Thanks to this system, brands have the possibility to break down buying barriers, reach new consumers, promote product launches and run ad hoc marketing campaigns thanks to the user profiling.

After many years of experience in Collaborative Marketing, Milvia Bonvicino and Alessandra Garini see sharing as the central element in marketing and the economy: they are two friends and Moms who believe that Toy Sharing will change the lives of Italian families!