#UseThingsBetter. This is Paladin’s motto, and this is the first Italian app for object rental between private individuals.

How often do you realize you have objects lying around at home that you never use or use very little? How often do you need a product just for one event – for a weekend or a vacation – but you don’t want to buy it because of the cost?

Paladin is the solution: its aim is to change how we consume and create a better economy through sharing.

It’s up and running in Milan and Berlin, with the first two native App Mobiles developed on iOS and Android. Just a few weeks after its launch, more than 1,000 products were uploaded onto the App, with over 500 registered users.

How does Paladin work? It’s very easy: just insert the object’s price per day and decide on a deposit, chat with the person who’s interested and set a date to meet and make the exchange, and finally meet once again to return the product and conclude the loan.

For lazier folks there’s also the possibility to send objects to the Paladin staff, who will take care of inserting them on the App. The exchange is done safely via credit card: the money goes directly into the loaner’s bank account. Thanks to the deposit, loaners won’t have to worry about possible damages or loss.