Eugenio Pugliese (anni 27) e Sharon Ezra (anni 27).

Each product is 100% Made in Italy and is produced in small, independent, artisanal workshops.

By getting around the traditional channels, cutting supply-chain costs and selling directly online via our website, LabQuattrocento is able to provide very high quality Made in Italy eyewear, with an original design at a revolutionary price of € 105, including graduated lenses and delivery costs.

This sector is controlled by a few large companies that have kept prices high and have moved their production processes to China. Today we have too many pairs of glasses made in China and few quality Italian products.

We believe that quality should be accessible to everyone. The idea behind "Lab Quattrocento" is to create a unique brand that is inspired by the 15th century - the Italian Renaissance.

This brand resulted from the meeting of Eugenio and Sharon Ezra. They have different backgrounds, one is an expert in economics with a long family tradition in the world of eyewear, and the other an experienced fashion designer, with a much more creative background. The point that binds us at a profound level is our great passion for Made in Italy. Our mission is to relaunch Italian craftsmanship and small workshops, and so Lab Quattrocento presents an original, unique collection, using the finest Italian acetate and metal materials.

We have adopted an innovative "Home Try On" sales system that allows the consumer to bypass opticians' stores, and to try a box of 4 pairs of glasses selected from our website at home, free of charge.



Quattrocento la eyewear strtup di Speed MI Up.

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Quattrocento, una delle #startup incubate in Speed MI Up, è sta nominata da Forbes come una delle startup da conoscere...

Posted by Speed MI Up on Mercoledì 14 gennaio 2015

Quattrocento, startup incubata in Speed MI Up appare su TechCrunch

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