Speed MI Up

Beyond traditional business incubators and accelerators

Speed MI Up is the workshop for businesses and professions specialized in developing business and management expertise, dedicating most of its energy to accelerating the growth of innovative start up through:

  • An intense interactive Training program totally focused during the program's first 3 months
  • Continued tutoring support through a revolutionary Cooperative Social Networking Platform
  • A special Advisory Board dedicated to the single start-up or professional
  • Smooth and low-cost access to important financial resources
  • The availability of physical space for workplaces, informal networking and representation
  • Services on innovation, scientific research and internationalization


If you are thinking of going freelance or have already set out along this professional route, it is probably because you have a dream. And this dream is undoubtedly linked to a desire to be the key player in building your own future. This is an important challenge for which Speed Mi Up has prepared a series of special training, tutoring and promotion services.
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