Speed MI Up: going beyond traditional business incubators and accelerators

Specialized in developing business and management expertise, Speed MI Up is a workshop for businesses and professions which devotes much of its energy to accelerating the growth of innovative start-ups. Since Speed MI Up is not involved with the start-ups’ capital, it is able to maintain their value and entrepreneurial freedom over time.

We are looking for innovative start-ups which aren’t necessarily technological and in any market sector that wish to follow a path of developing expertise through:

  • A training program managed by professors from Bocconi University and the SDA Bocconi School of Management and Formaper professionals, which is focused on individual start-ups
  • Ongoing tutorships consisting of support from Bocconi faculty members and periodic business reviews carried out by qualified advisory boards

Value-added services

  • Legal counseling services from Bocconi faculty members
  • Access to over 80 of Bocconi Library’s online databanks
  • Bocconi Career Service support in the search for qualified personnel
  • Physical space for workplaces, meetings and representation
  • Internet connection at 100 Mbps
  • Access to the Cooperative Social Networking platform
  • Development support services offered by the Chamber of Commerce on internationalization, brokering between innovation demand and supply, and scientific research
  • Networking with major investors in Italy and abroad (business angels, venture capitals) and preparing start-ups for meetings with potential investors

Services proposed by the main partners

  • PwC – PricewaterhouseCoopers: counseling services for accounting/taxes/labor law/legal issues, etc.
  • Aruba: Cloud Computing services
  • UBI Bank: banking services provided with special terms for easy access to credit
  • Innovhub: technical-scientific consulting
  • Imageware: communications
  • Conlabora: public call for bids consulting
  • Bignami Associati: administrative services
  • Amazon Web Services: cloud computing services
  • MediaMatic: digital media planning
  • HubSpot Services: software for Start-up
  • Studio Franzosi Dal Negro Setti: Legal services
  • Studio Alessandrini Gentili: Consulting services
  • Studio Pareti: Administrative and fiscal services
  • StartUpShop: Marketplace devoted in exclusive to the products and the services commercialized by the startup of Speed MI Up
  • HubSpot Services: software for Start-up