Bocconi University was launched to be open to modernity, as an act of faith in progress and in its close relationship with the growth of knowledge, always engaging in dialogue with the outside world.

A century after it was founded, the values that inspired Bocconi University's founders have remained intact and are still alive in all that the University undertakes.

In line with the founders' principles and plans, Bocconi University sets out to respond to the demand for training and scientific research from the Country's economic system, and to act in a propositive role for continuous furthering and integration of learning at an international level.

The University therefore continuously stays in touch with manufacturing and day-to-day life to provide sound intellectual and professional training to support innovation and the development of businesses and the entire Country, using education and science as the basis for economic and moral renewal and growth in Italy. In fact, Bocconi University is involved in forming young, creative graduates, who are flexible, able to set about analysing problems, and equipped with a state of mind characterised by dynamism and a sense of ethics, in order to contribute to the professional and civil growth of the Country.

Bocconi University sees education as an ongoing process that does not end at graduation, but continues throughout the professional lifecycle of a person - a process that in able to facilitate flexibility and a capacity for continuously acquiring new knowledge, aptitudes, and notions. Today there is a need to instil some characteristics in young people in general and especially in those that may become part of the managing class: the rigour of their role as students and then workers, independence in judgement, an aptitude for teamwork, a culture of legality, and ethical values in their economic lives as well. This means forming educated, aware individuals: citizens of the world, with a sense of belonging to the social body, both on a smaller scale in business and on a larger scale in the State. Bocconi has always seen setting up a truly international cultural centre as a key to its mission, developing ties with leading players on the world's economic scene.

Bocconi University pursues its mission by means of research and teaching. By means of both basic and applied research, Bocconi makes its contribution to the progress of economic science, providing the business system with rigorous operating tools, in part thanks to its extensive exchanges and collaboration with international institutions. Also, research is essential for feeding didactic endeavours, contributing to their constant renewal.

Teaching is aimed at providing students with sound basic educational training and tools that are suitable for tackling the professional future in a thorough, conscious manner. It also sets about seeing to updating and upgrading those that are already in the job market, with numerous advanced training initiatives.

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