The Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Artisans, and Agriculture are public bodies which carry out general interest functions for the network of enterprises, following the development of local economies.

The Milan Chamber of Commerce carries out these tasks within the areas of the Milan province; it especially organizes initiatives to encourage entrepreneurial training, access to credit by companies, innovation and transfer of technologies, boosting electronic trading, environmental protection for company activities, the development of infrastructures and the valorization of territorial resources.

Moreover, it creates interventions aimed to favor economic development of the territory and competitiveness of the local entrepreneurial system, promoting internationalization.

In addition, it exercises administration activities prescribed by law, like keeping the company register and rolls and records of certain activities and it promotes definite and impartial regulations for business contracts.

In order to support the company system and market, the Chamber of Commerce utilizes 5 special companies: Promos, dedicated to the internationalization of SME, Innovhub - Experimental Stations for industry which operates to support innovation and the scientific and technological development, Formaper, which promotes the development of the new entrepreneurship, Milan's Arbitration which solves any trade disputes Osmi-Milan Real Estate Exchange dedicated to the Milan real estate market.

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