Have you ever asked yourselves why some businesses are highly successful, while some gain modest or minor results and others fail completely? The answer lies in the biological concept of the survival of the fittest: “in the long term, the only organizations which are destined to survive are those which effectively and efficiently meet the requirements of the environment in which they operate”.

And this law is even more relevant in the ruthless, but real, short term. This is why it’s crucial to face the future armed with the resources and knowledge which will help you respond in real time to the enormous changes taking place in our world.

Speed MI Up is a joint initiative of the Milan Chamber of Commerce and Bocconi University; with contributions from the city of Milan, it helps new entrepreneurs deal with the future’s enormous challenges by supporting them from the start in developing their business ideas.

Speed MI Up is a major initiative with international breadth. It is open to all neo entrepreneurs of any nationality who have declared their intention to make their strategic headquarters in Milan, in order to confirm the city as one of the major international business hubs.

"An organization's ability to learn, and

translate that learning into action

rapidly, is the ultimate competitive


Jack Welch

Speed MI Up’s positioning

A Business Incubator or Accelerator needs to focus on a systematic approach to the accelerated development of start-ups, based on these five major aspects:

  • business development
  • creating a business consulting network
  • creating entrepreneurial synergies
  • providing affordable work spaces
  • common services

Many incubators tend to focus their attention on the management of common spaces (real-estate strategy), and consider gaining support in order to quickly develop a business idea as secondary. This is why Speed MI Up places a great deal of emphasis instead on the areas of tutoring, networking and synergy creation, and favors virtual spaces for collaboration.