Bignami Associati is one of the most dynamic professional associations working in the business, corporate, tax and governance consulting sector in Italy. A reality which is in constant renewal, for over fifty years Bignami Associati has understood market challenges and interpreted its changes, enriching itself with new and diverse professional capabilities in order to meet the needs of its clients. Bignami Associati works with limited companies and international groups, individuals, entrepreneurs and professionals, providing ad hoc services and solutions that are reached thanks to multidisciplinary teams.

Our work is aimed at finding simple, effective and trustworthy solutions to support the important choices our clients make and help them improve. Bignami Associati is characterized by an attentive approach, even to our clients’ everyday dealings, as well as reliability, concrete solutions, an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to problems, a strict method, and a constant search for excellence in the quality of work and services for our clients.

With this agreement, Bignami Associati will offers its professional experience to Speed Mi Up incubated start-ups, to assist them in everyday management (assistance with administrative and accounting management, ordinary tax-related consulting for business management, assistance with the completion of cyclic corporate obligations, assembling financial statements, and the completion of cyclic tax obligations). At the same time, Bignami Associati will work side by side with start-ups in making the right choices which can contribute to creating solid companies that will last over time, by developing and maintaining a top-quality process which allows them to clarify their objectives, adapt to changes, deal with adversity, make the most of their abilities, experiment, seize opportunities, optimize benefits and learn from mistakes.