Conlabora Srl is a consulting company which provides Project Design, Project Management and Strategic Planning services for businesses, universities, research institutes and public bodies. In particular, Conlabora offers dedicated support to public and private operators in transforming a project idea into a proposal for a sustainable, coherent and well-planned project that can be proposed to financiers. Based on specialized expertise and broad knowledge of the major financing programs in Italy and abroad, Conlabora Srl offers the skills and resources that are needed to assist a variety of representatives in the development of projects, planning the most appropriate strategies and the best frameworks in relation to the specific needs of the financial instruments. Conlabora Srl is a member of: EUROPEAN ALLIANCE FOR INNOVATION (EAI), EUROPEAN YOUNG INNOVATORS FORUM (EYIF), and the EUROPEAN NETWORK FOR TRANSFER AND EXPLOITATION OF EU PROJECT RESULTS (ENTER). Conlabora Srl is accredited with: EUROPEAN REGISTER OF EURO-PROJECTS DESIGNERS AND MANAGERS, UE EXPERTS PROFILE PANEL and Quality Evaluation in Science and Technology for Innovation Opportunity (QUESTIO) in the Lombardy Region. A shared aim of Speed MI Up and Conlabora is to develop the start-ups that have been incubated in Speed MI Up. In particular, according to this agreement Conlabora will provide its expertise to incubated start-ups for the request, management and reporting of local, national, and European concessions and grants.