Consulting Bureau

In order to provide specialized services on the specific topics which are crucial to a start-up, Speed MI Up is offering many types of Bureaus, thanks to the contributions of Bocconi faculty members and professionals coming from several of the participating partners.

Legal Bureau

This is a service offered by Speed MI Up, carried out with the assistance of faculty members from the Bocconi University Department of Legal Studies. Its scope is to deal with the initial legal issues which a start-up might encounter during its growth period.

This on-call service consists in an initial meeting in which the specific issue at hand is identified and analyzed at the first level. After that, top-level advice and detailed information may follow, thanks to possible contributions from thesis students at the Bocconi School of Law and law studios that are characterized by a strong understanding of new businesses and innovative start-ups in particular, also in terms of economic treatment.

Public Financing Bureau

The Public Financing Bureau service carries out the following tasks:

  • Keeping the databases updated of the current major public financing tools
  • Promptly informing the Speed MI Up community of new calls for bids
  • Providing a consulting service which orients each specific project to the most suitable public, Italian and foreign financing tools

This service is provided in collaboration with Conlabora.

Marketing Bureau

The aims of this specialized service include:

  • Assisting start-ups in properly focusing their strategic posture in terms of the surrounding competitive environment
  • Assisting start-ups in identifying the best marketing strategy in the short- and medium- term
  • Assisting start-ups in identifying their own USP (Unique Selling Proposition) as the foundation for their communications strategy
  • Identifying the best marketing channels, also with the assistance with Media Planning agencies
  • Supporting start-ups in their relations with the communications agency/ies which will develop their advertising material

This service will be carried out with the contributions of professors from the SDA Bocconi Marketing Area who have many years of experience in operational and strategic marketing. The team might also include on-call professionals working in communications agencies which have agreements with Speed MI Up.

Digital Media Bureau

During, or after the consulting period foreseen by the Marketing Bureau, a good part of a start-up’s promotional activity is focused on digital media. The competencies needed for writing and implementing an effective Digital Media-Mix invest in both the technological level as well as one that’s strictly linked to marketing, with significant repercussions in terms of resources that aren’t just economic. For this reason, Speed MI Up has engaged in a partnership with Marketing MultiMedia, whose MediaMatic Business Unit boasts over 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing. The MediaMatic team provides incubated start-ups with an interesting and highly professional service for elaborating and analyzing Digital Communication Plans.