Speed MI Up, thanks to the competences of Chamber of Commerce and Boccony University is able to offer a range of services devoted to the development of the business of start-up and professionals.

Intermediation between demand and innovation supply (Innovhub)

  • the search for business partners to participate in community projects
  • support for searching and offering partners in the technological field even through brokerage activities
  • the patent portfolio

Internazionalization (Promos)

  • organization of missions in markets of interest
  • vouchers for the participation in international trade shows
  • NIBI (new institute for international business)support for the search of foreign partners
  • desks abroad

Training for entrepreneurship (Formaper)

  • Dedicated assistance
  • Company-job help desk

Services to favor interaction between companies and professionals

  • Area for the Development of Companies within the Chamber of Commerce

Scientific Research

  • in the field of paper, leather, oils and silk (Innovhub – Experimental Stations) and in the field of biopharmaceuticals
  • of biomedicine (Filarete Foundation)

After the incubation period, access to special rates for courses in the SDA Bocconi School of Management catalogue

  • Sectorial training (Banks, Fashion, Design, Health, Non profit, PMI, Public Administration, Real estate, Sport, Tourism)
  • Cross training (General Management, Leadership, Quantitative Methods, Project Management)
  • Functional training (Administration, Marketing, Sales, Organization, RiskManagement, Information Systems, Strategy, Technology and operations)

Development support by the Research Centers of the Bocconi University and by the SDA Bocconi School of Management

  • Art, Science and Knowledge; Research Center on the management of health and welfare assistance; Research Center on Marketing and Services; Center for regional economy, transport and tourism; Laws and History; Sustainability and Value; Organization and Management; Social dynamics; Logical elaboration and methodical use of information; Entrepreneurial; Economics and policies for energy and the environment;Economic Research; Internationalization and Technology Studies; Research Division (DIR) Claudio Demattè of SDA Bocconi