Speed MI Up's purpose is to facilitate the launch of new businesses and activities. In order to achieve this goal, services are made available to Start-up Businesses, based on merit, aimed at facilitating and consolidating the launch of business ideas."

Notification and support in formulating applications for financing

Speed MI Up notifies its start-ups and helps them to compile applications for loans at incentive interest rates, such as the Bando Agevolacredito issued annually by the Chamber of Commerce, which makes it possible to achieve a reduction in financing costs by providing a contribution to lower interest rates.

The same applies to all the other financing opportunities issued by the Milan Chamber of Commerce and other similar opportunities issued by other private and public institutions.

The biggest barrier to starting a

company isn't ideas, funding or

experience. It's excuses”.

Sarah Lacy -TechCrunch

What Business Angel think about Speed MI Up


This is an initiative reserved solely to start-up businesses, hosted at Speed MI Up. It involves a series of short meetings held in the middle of the day and including a speech by a guest (investors, business angels, venture capital, entrepreneurs, lecturers, etc.) and a brief buffet, offered by Speed MI Up as an opportunity for those from start-ups and the guest to network.

Contacts with investors

Incubated businesses will also be assisted to facilitate relations with risk investors. These actions include:

  • A network of contacts for organising meetings and personalised encounters between entrepreneurs and investors
  • A training period in order to provide those involved with start-ups with the basis to allow them to get their project across to a range of investors more effectively
  • Provision of a section of the website dedicated to each business, in order to increase their profile in relation to investors
  • A service that provides continuous updates on opportunities for new entrepreneurs to make themselves known (Elevator Pitches, BP Competitions, conferences, workshops and other events in the start-up world)

Bocconi Startup Day

Bocconi Start-up Day is a Bocconi University initiative aimed at promoting youth entrepreneurship. It is realized with the collaboration of Speed MI Up and the support of the SDA Bocconi School of Management, the Bocconi Alumni Association, and Economics & Management.

An entire day dedicated to two big opportunities for young entrepreneurs: a marketplace for new businesses in search of financing, and prizes for those who have already proven their project is good in practical terms. During the marketplace course, start-ups will meet and present their ideas to venture capitalists, business angels and private equity operators. Prizes will be awarded to the start-ups that have managed to reach significant results during the initial phase of their life cycle.

Candidatures for participation in the marketplace are open to entrepreneurial groups which intend to develop an entrepreneurial idea, or are in the planning stages for launching a start-up (the team must consist of a student or alumni from Bocconi University, a Master student from the SDA Bocconi School of Management or MISB Bocconi – the Mumbai International School of Business of SDA Bocconi), as well as start-ups that have been incubated by Speed MI Up.