Unlike other incubators, Speed MI Up only calls for a modest share of the costs, and is not involved with the capital of incubated companies, allowing them to preserve their value and entrepreneurial freedom over time.

Starting an entrepreneurial or professional activity is a complex, delicate process, affected by numerous factors.

Speed MI Up has put together a package of integrated services, aimed at facilitating and speeding up the implementation of business ideas. Obviously, all the services listed below cannot replace the most important ingredient of all: a crazy passion for pursuing your dream.Because that's what makes a real entrepreneur - their desire to realise their intuition in concrete terms knows no bounds.It is for entrepreneurs like these that Speed MI Up has designed and implemented its initiative.

"Giving people self-confidence is by

far the most important thing that I can

do. Because then they will act".

Jack Welch

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About the added value of Speed MI Up services

About the added value of Speed MI Up services Speed MI Up differs greatly from other similar initiatives, especially co-working initiatives, in terms of the high added-value of the services rendered to its start-ups. While a co-working service stops at providing logistics services (shared work areas, workstations, connectivity, and some events), for Speed MI Up logistic services - as shown in the graph below - represent the least added-value of all the services it offers.

For any business in the start-up phase, all the intangible services aimed at developing a start-up business and the entrepreneurial capacity of the work team, such as tutoring, training and all other entrepreneurial support services, are of far greater importance.