Training and tutoring by Speed Mi Up

Training and tutoring services are without any doubt the most important among those offered by speed Mi Up.

Online course for drafting a business plan

Even before entering Speed Mi Up, aspiring entrepreneurs after registering online, having briefly described their own business idea and receiving the relative acceptance, shall be asked to participate in a video course lasting 12 hours and this shall be the program:

  • What's a business plan
  • From the vision to the entrepreneurial plan
  • Questions for the development of the business plan
  • The qualitative chapters of the business plan:
    • Market
    • Competitive system
    • Offer system
    • Structure
  • Forecasts and economic-financial simulations

The video course also offers written educational material, template to elaborate the business plan and recommended bibliography. Attending this course is essential for new entrepreneurs who shall supply a detailed business plan together with their application and its completeness is crucial to be admitted to Start MI Up. To get an idea of the course you can check out these three brief online lectures held by Prof. Cinzia Parolini of the Bocconi University.

The help desk Punto Nuova Impresa of Formaper is at your disposal for methodological information to set up the Master plan and for information on the bureaucratic and administration procedures to start up the new enterprise. A video course shall be made available to participants, complete with written educational material, template to elaborate the master plan and recommended bibliography.

“If you think education is

expensive, try ignorance”.

Derek Bok - Harvard University President

Individual tutoring:

  • Ongoing

    This crucial type of support shall be supplied through the Cooperative Social Networking platform, realizing a collaboration based on the creation and sharing of documents, messages, to do list, video communications, handling of shared documents in real time (whiteboarding) and many other innovative functions.

  • Periodical for start-ups

    It is entrusted to a specific Advisory Board, composed by members of the Bocconi Faculty and by the Chamber of Commerce who are highly qualified in the specific industry of the company. The Advisory Board, based on precise requirements, can request the special companies services from the Chamber of Commerce: Promos, Formaper and Innovhub. The Advisory Board is in charge of monitoring and overlooking the development of start-ups even through periodical meetings.

  • Periodical for professionals and freelance

    Is entrusted to a specific Chamber of Commerce Representative, carried out through the Cooperative Social Networking Platform and periodical individual meetings where the Operative Manager of Start MI Up can also participate. The Representative, based on specific requirements can request services from the special companies of the Chamber of Commerce Promos, Formaper, Innovhub

Collective Tutoring:

  • MindShaker Meeting for Start-up

Interactive training sessions concentrate in the first 3 months of the program, conceived by the Bocconi Faculty midway between a lecture and a brainstorming session, with the purpose of helping new companies quickly grow and become organized.

  • Objectives:
    • help to grow and quickly get organized
    • help to improve strategy, managerial and financial business ideas
    • increase the survival possibility of ideas/companies through discussions and tangible proposals
    • fine tune the business plan for better access to outside funding
  • The framework:
    • ways of interacting: informal discussion on real cases, without neglecting theory
    • first part, discussion of topics which are crucial for our enterprises
    • second part, check-up of the potential behind the idea in terms of “theory” and work customized based on each single project
  • The method:
    • professors ask participants to send an extract of their business plan 3 days beforehand, listing the questions they want a reply to
    • participants work concretely in the classroom to improve their Business Plan in terms of the topics covered by professors
  • The sessions:
    • Team building
    • Reconsider your business plan
    • Market strategy & positioning
    • Lean startup
    • Estimates & forecast
    • Financial forecasts, Financial Needs and valuation
    • Operations & milestones
    • Market strategy
    • Digital Marketing
    • Investors: corporate governance & Shareholders agreement
    • Come presentarsi agli investitori
    • Elevator pitch
  • Speed Up Your Startup

The aim of this lesson series organized by Formaper is to provide extremely practical information and tools which are indispensable to launching a start-up.

  • The following sessions will be offered:
    • Limited companies, legal framework and tax and accounting aspects
    • Sales management
    • Liquidity in new businesses and relations with banks
    • Personnel management
    • Relations with clients and suppliers