In Italy, UBI Banca is the third largest commercial banking group in terms of market cap with a market share above 5%, and has 1,560 branches concentrated throughout the country. The UBI Group has always resolved to collaborate with Italy’s entrepreneurial leaders, and to create shared solutions for the development of businesses which are based on winning and innovative ideas. As part of that commitment, UBI Bank has entered into a collaborative agreement with Speed MI Up in order to allow incubated start-ups to obtain access to favorable credit terms. This advantage is dictated by the fact that during their credit merit evaluation, start-ups will provide a business plan which has been certified by the Speed MI Up tutors. The agreement foresees financing up to € 250,000, accompanied by a specific guarantee for the innovative start-up at no cost, and with priority treatment from the SME Fund, Italian Law 662/96.The UBI Group also provides package accounts for managing corporate operations, and the possibility, for B2C businesses, to manage their payments with cards via Virtual Pos, a tool which allows users to accept payments directly via internet, or with Mobile Pos, a device which allows users to accept payments by smartphone or tablet in the office or directly with a client. All requests will have the advantage of being achieved through a quick and ad hoc procedure; Speed Mi Up’s task will be to indicate to the bank which incubated start-ups should be directed to the Group’s operational unit in charge of a given territory.

Please note

The UBI Group reserves the right to evaluate the start-up’s credit merit and thus whether to grant financing. During the credit merit evaluation phase, start-ups may be requested to provide guarantees (also personal).