Speed MI Up’s StartUpShop is a marketplace dedicated exclusively to products and services that are commercialized by Speed MI Up startups.

Each startup, including those that are no longer being incubated in Speed MI Up, will have its own account so that it can fill its own shop.

The following can be promoted in the StartUpShop:

  • Only discounted products
  • Coupons for access to discounted services

The products displayed on the home page will alternate with every new access, offering equal opportunities for all startups. Each startup can insert only one product on the home page.

A double box on the home page (What’s New) will be reserved for launching and testing new products and services (Minimum Viable Product), and the new product/service will remain on the page without alternations. The duration of this promotion will be established each time.

Speed MI Up promotes the StartUpShop, as well as paid campaigns, through their presence on its website. The products that are offered are posted on Speed MI Up’s FB page.

Other promotions will be implemented according to market opportunities.

The StartupShop can be accessed from both the Speed MI Up website as well as directly, at this address: startupshop.speedmiup.it.